About us

The ZPS - MECHANIKA, a. s. is a modern engineering company that has been successfully operating in the market since 2004.

On an area of more than 6,200 square meters, there are production halls engaged in both job-order manufacture and lot manufacture of sheet metal products. Our product portfolio is extensive – we predominantly concentrate on the production of machine casings and guardings as well as bases for the machines. Our products are delivered at the highest level of quality and prepared for subsequent work of the customer. Besides, we are able to put our manufatured parts together to form subassemblies or assemblies which can contain hydraulic units, hoses, and fittings as well.

The satisfied customer for which we want to become a reliable partner is considered as the best motivation for our work. Our highly qualified and experienced personnel and reliable machinery contribute to this effort. We constantly strive to develop the company modernizing our machinery as well as equipments. Thorough in-process and output controls are standard. In addition, we remember protection of the environment so we strive to minimize adverse impacts of our production activities on the environment.

Every contract is regarded as a challenge which may move our company one step forward. A constantly increasing number of our customers in the field of engineering, as well as energy, food, and medical industries gives evidence that we are succeeding in it.