Surface treatments

To achieve the high quality level of coating or zinc plating, the process of surface treatment must include blasting.

We provide cast iron shot blasting and balls made from glass.

Dimensions of sandblasting box:

Technique Max. dimensions
VISTA 2 500 x 2 500 mm

Dimensions of shot peening box:

Technique Max. dimensions
LINCOS SBC 990 1 180 x 900 x 840 mm

In cooperatin we ensure cast iron shot blasting the parts even up to a length of 9,150 mm.

In general, the essential preparatory works before surface coating include both perfect degreasing and phosphating, which protects sheet metal against corrosion.

We offer wet coating.

We have a coating line as well as several coating booths available.

Our dimensional capacity for surface coating:

Technique Max. dimensions
Wet coating Line 4 500 x 1 800 x 2 100 mm
Booth var. 1 7 200 x 2 650 x 3 950 mm
Booth var. 2 5 500 x 4 300 x 3 500 mm

In addition to that, we also ensure powder coating, blackening and zinc plating for our customers.