Material cutting

Each material or process requires its specific method - we use laser, as well as band saws. To cut sheet metal, we employ three types of shears.

Laser cutting

We offer metallurgical material cutting by means of CNC laser cutting machine TRUMPF TruLaser 3040 fiber and profile laser ADIGE ADILAS 2. Both laser machines are equipped with an automatic loader, which ensures high labour productivity.

Detailed specifications of our laser cutting machines: 

TRUMPF TruLaser 3040 fiber - 4000 W

Type Operating range Max. thickness of material Max. weight of workpiece
Axis x Axis y Steel Stainless Aluminium
TruLaser 3040 fiber 4 000 mm 2 500 mm 25 mm
15 mm
10 mm
2 000 kg


Type Tube dimensions Hollow section dimensions Thickness of material
                      Min Max. Min. Max. Steel Stainless Aluminium
  ADIGE ADILAS 2                                      
  Ø 30 mm  
  Ø 220 mm          25 x 25 mm     200 x 100 mm          1 - 8 mm     1 - 5    mm                                           1 - 3      mm  

Band saws

The band saws are utilized when cutting metallurgical materials up to a diameter of 360 mm and a length of 12 m. Cutting under an angle is commonplace.